Monday, 4 August 2008

Plain crazy or worse?

Recently I was working with a German colleague.  Now, this guy is nice enough but weird.  We were working outdoors and it started to rain so I put on my Wellington boots.  I was wearing cut-off cotton trousers that came just below the knee so, with my wellies on, there was no gap between the end of my trousers and the top of the boots.  

My colleague, (remember - he's German) looks this outfit up and down and mumbles, almost to himself, 'You look like my grandfather', then continues, 'He was a Nazi'.  As I was staring at him, literally lost for words, he leans in to me and says confidentially, 'I've got the photos to prove it'!!!!!

...Er, ok...  I'm not sure whether he's a 'Villian of the Day' or just plain scary...

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