Thursday, 7 August 2008

Sorry Neighbours!

I am a Bad Neighbour.  There!  I feel better already for getting that off my chest! Let me elaborate...

Recently a couple of friends came round for dinner.  It was a warm summer's evening so after we'd eaten and had a couple of glasses of wine, we decided to go and sit outside on the balcony.  My block of flats directly faces the next block so when you're on the balcony you can see directly into people's kitchens and living rooms. It can get a bit 'Rear Window' at times, but we all surreptitiously observe each other. They watch me doing the washing up & having lunch & I watch them on the computer & sitting in front of the TV.  My neighbours haven't done anything particularly outrageous (yet) but I live in hope.  

Anyway, we were sitting there, slightly (ok very) drunk and my mate W starts asking me about who lives in which flats. Directly opposite me are a couple of girls sharing - one of them has a child.  'COOL!' He bellows, 'LESBIANS!'  I'd forgotten, in my drunken state, how the sound can bounce off the two blocks and amplify.  

I know, I know - for what it's worth, I'm still cringing... It, er, gets worse...  

These two girls disappear for a bit & return in their pyjamas.  One of them then starts kissing the window and then they begin having a pillow fight RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE WINDOW!  Not only that but they kept stopping and looking round at us!  We were so drunk that it took about five minutes before it dawned on us what they were doing and why!  Like I said, I'm still cringing and big respect to those girls for having a sense of humour. 

Now, when I go and sit on the balcony, everyone immediately closes their blinds. I'm thinking of hanging a banner off the balcony saying, 'SORRY NEIGHBOURS.  I WAS DRUNK, OK?'  

Under the circumstances, I think it's only fair that I award myself 'Villian of the Day.' 


Anonymous said...

You are dirty peeping toms!!
Excellent. Come on, I bet you were just waiting for something like that to happen.
That has just about made my day, by the way. x

Ian said...

That was moi. Ian.
Hiya babe.

Tore said...

I noticed that too the last time I came around. I went on your balcony basically to remove my 'killer'shoes. They stink, I am afraid and I thought that a few minutes outside would give my feet a breather, make my toes happy.

I had hardly removed the second shoe when lo and behold the blinds opposite began closing almost instantaneously. I was a bit taken back. "Surely my shoes don't smell that bad!" I thought to myself, considering the 'vital statistics'. "There is at least 150 feet between the buildings, I am not in the direction of the wind, their windows are closed and I haven't released my, eh, 'silent assasin' bad wind..."

Thanks mate for 'clearing' my name.
Careful what you do or say on that balcony otherwise you will be slapped with an ASBO!Hah hah hah!!!!!